An Understanding of Common Types of Cyberattacks

The corporate world has been greatly enhanced because of technological advancements. Today, almost every organization or business has an IT system to boost performance. The biggest challenge associated with the IT system in your business is cyberattacks. According to studies done, cyberattacks are estimated to lead to a loss of 33 billion records by 2023. Therefore, if you want to keep all your records and money safe, you should focus on cyber attack prevention. Understanding the different types of cyberattacks is one way of cyber attack prevention. By learning about the cyberattacks, you will learn how to stop them from happening in your organization. Below, you will learn more about different types of cyberattacks and cyber attack prevention methods.

On top of the list is phishing. In phishing, hackers focus on stealing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, login credentials, and bank account numbers from organizations. Hackers access to data by posing as trusted individuals or organizations. The hackers will thereafter, send a link, message, or email asking you to enter sensitive information. This is most likely to happen when you are waiting for someone to send you an email asking for confidential or sensitive information. The recommended cyber attack prevention method for phishing is ensuring that you are sending data to the correct individuals.

Man-in-the-Middle is the next form of cyberattack that commonly happens, and it involves a third party putting themselves in the middle of a two-person conversion or transaction with the intention of stealing data. A good example is where someone joins a conversation using your Wi-Fi or open network. Malware is one of the most popular forms of cyberattack today. A malware takes the form of either a virus or ransomware, and it can be a big threat to your device. Usually, malware enters into devices when the users click on popups. If you unknowingly click download on the popups, you could be inviting a virus in your device. An affective cyber attack prevention method that you should consider for malware is ignoring popups that you find suspicious.

Also, you should be aware of a password attack. Since it is an easier form of cyberattack, it is advisable that you follow password requirements for your organization when creating a password. Some of the password creation tips that you should consider include special letters, characters, and capitalization. A rare form of cyberattack that you should know is the denial of service. This is a usual occurrence in websites that enjoy huge traffic to the extent that visitors cannot get what they need. Hackers are known to take advantage of such situations to overload the servers and change the information that is displayed.

The last cyberattack to learn about is Botnet. It happens when automated users and devices work together to complete an attack. Botnet attack can be avoided by creating a strong security wall.