A Guide to Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning, in essence, is the procedure of removing selected portions and branches of a tree which are diseased, damaged or overgrown. If you wish the trees in your lawn to be in perfect condition, ensure they don’t grow into a hazard, and keep them from becoming a security threat, then it greatly aids to employ professional tree pruning services from a reputable company. With this procedure performed regularly on your trees, you can rest assured knowing they will be in peak condition for years to come. When doing this process, certain tree pruning services use minimal, disposable tools; this ensures the pruning is done correctly and with minimal damage to the tree.

The main purpose of tree pruning services is to correct and remedy the structural imbalance that may exist in your landscape. Certain trees which grow close to power lines or other electrical infrastructure are prone to growth that can compromise these infrastructure services. This is due to their proximity and vulnerability to damage from wind, ice, hail, and debris. By removing these branches, arborists are able to prevent potential problems by taking out unwanted branches which pose a threat to the overall integrity of your landscape. In doing this procedure, an arborist is able to direct traffic away from the tree in question thereby allowing the traffic to pass through safely. This is especially important when there are trees growing close to power lines.

In some cases where tree pruning services need to be performed in order to ensure the structural integrity of power lines, a professional arborist is able to remove branches which may obstruct the flow of electricity. Removing branches which may interfere with the utility wires is not only beneficial for the electric company but also for the overall integrity of the tree in question. Additionally, removing branches that grow close to structures such as sidewalks, walkways, or pool decks is also essential in ensuring that these areas remain safe and free from damage. In many cases, tree pruning services are needed in order to keep portions of the sidewalk, walkway, or deck free of debris which may result from foot traffic.

Trees pruned for certain situations, such as to encourage development of buds, can be useful in the maintenance of certain types of trees. Typically, trees which are undergoing this process will have a few, thin branches that will grow in a straight line. The main objective behind tree pruning services is to allow these short, thin branches to grow thicker and hence assist in improving the overall health of the tree. Additionally, the thicker, healthier branches which grow in the direction of sunlight will provide support and strength to trees in areas where they may experience drought. Ultimately, this will improve overall plant appearance and tree productivity.

A tree pruning services company will also offer tree trimming services in terms of pruning diseased branches. When branches are infected with the fungal disease, they can develop into unsightly lesions which can eventually cause decay and rot. In most cases, trees need to be pruned periodically to prevent this disease from progressing. However, when branches are already showing signs of decay or rot, it may be more cost-effective to remove and trim the tree than to attempt to cure the tree. Tree removal and treatment costs significantly less than routine maintenance procedures.

In most cases, tree pruning services companies will perform routine maintenance such as cutting tree limbs that have grown too large for branches to support. However, branches that grow out of proportion to surrounding shrubbery will often need to be trimmed. Additionally, trees which have become weak and/or brittle due to winter frost may also need to be trimmed. Similarly, trees which have become infected with pests and insects may also need to be trimmed or cleared of infected areas.

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